Announcements, Updates

Announcing the Canary API beta!

As you may or may not have noticed, Canary has undergone some drastic changes. Some of the changes include:

  • New logo and layout.
  • Performance boosts on the search engine itself.
  • A finer-tuned related search result for posts.
  • An improved user-interface for viewing found objects.
  • And last but not least, an API to interface with.

The API has been in the works since the creation of Canary and was to be introduced not too long after Canary was out of a ‘beta’ phase. The plan was to have it done by around summertime and well, we’re only a few days in and it’s now up and running!

If you’re wondering what Canary is, Canary is a search engine for data that has been posted on document-sharing websites. It takes the data, analyses it, and then stores it in a database. You can determine if any of the documents are linked to each other as well. Click here and give it a try!

Now, here’s the part you may be interested in: how do I get to use it?

Well, simply go ahead and register! Once that is done, feel free to tweet at me (@afreak) with your username and let me know that you’re interested–e-mailing us or responding to this post works too! At this time certain restrictions on e-mail accounts and how many searches and views you can make are relaxed, but get in early if you’re interested in playing around.

We also want to see what sort of ideas you have for Canary. An issue tracker has been launched and all you need is a Github account to make requests, report bugs, and so forth!

In the near future, we plan to provide details on what you can do with Canary so stay tuned for that as well.

Also, Canary celebrates its first year anniversary soon. Thanks to everyone who has helped on this project so far!


Canary API is coming!

Hi all,

Just a brief update here: Canary’s API is coming along nicely and will soon be looking for testers. If you’re interested, please reach out to me via Twitter (@afreak) or e-mail me at

I won’t be able to respond immediately but I will put you down on a list to contact.

Announcements, Events, Updates

Massive update and presenting at BSides Vancouver 2014!

I’ve been silent as of late! This should not indicate anything however with Canary as I have been actively developing it and tuning it to be better and more feature-rich. How about we cover what has been changed?

You can view all the changes now at:

New features

Who done what? Related results!


This is the feature I have been wanting to have up and running since day one: related items.

Basically if you view a document, it will attempt to find anything related to it based on its content. There are still some features to be added to that functionality, but it’s quite possible you could suffer from the same problem that some people have when reading one Wikipedia article and finding that you’ve gone from My Little Pony to Adolf Hitler in two hops (try this if you’re curious about this).

Expanded search


The search has been moved to the top-right of the screen like in the old version but has been simplified to allow for you to look for other items in the process. Gone are the mentions of the bangs (they’re still there however) but ready to read is a help page.

I have removed the functionality that allowed for searching of phone numbers. The reason for this is quite simple: the false positives were quite problematic.

The bangs are fully documented now and have had some of their abilities extended. You can check out the Help page to see more.

Presenting at BSides Vancouver

I will be presenting at BSides Vancouver on March 11th. The talk will feature some of the origins of Canary and will also discuss some other related items. I definitely invite you to come out if you’re able to come to the conference.

I plan to submit this elsewhere so stay tuned for that.


I am looking for donations as I wish to expand the service. There is a plan to expand this service to allow for access via an API, but this won’t be available for a few more months.

You can submit a donation via the links on this page:

I also take DOGE if you wish to send me that as well. :)

The address for DOGE is DU8hYS4Z9Nb3fG155LfcnxMVjKzp3MJJsN.

Bug reports

Please let me know via Twitter (@afreak) or via IRC (afreak on Freenode) if you wish to let me know of a problem. At the time of this writing, I am aware of the problem with the left column links when viewing the page, but I have a fix due for tomorrow.


Performance improvements

Small update here, but the performance of Canary has been drastically improved. Some changes were made to the database structure and data retrieval and it is now much, much faster. In addition, the hash searching is a lot more refined and will give far more accurate results.

There is a large feature coming to Canary in the next month or two so stay tuned!

Announcements, Updates

New feature! Hash searching

Canary went through a bit of an upgrade to improve its back-end services and with that came a new feature: hash searching!

It works like this:

!hash 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99
!hash password hacked

Both will give you results based on your request. You can use SHA or MD5 hashes or just generic keywords.

I was going to slip in a new feature but that will be included in a minor update in the coming weeks.

Also, I will be at VanCitySec’s special August event speaking about Canary (very brief mind you) and will be open to meet with anyone who wants to ask questions. :)

Announcements, Events, Updates

More data, a new feature, and VanCitySec

Alright! It has been a few weeks since I said anything about Canary and it is still alive almost a month later! I have gotten a lot of feedback and questions since first releasing the service almost a month ago. Really glad to see the responses I have gotten so far and do not hesitate to ask me anything should you have any questions.

Sometime this upcoming long-weekend (it’s one here in Canada), I will be releasing an update of Canary to the server which will include a new feature and more data. The latter I won’t get into too much but I anticipate about 25% more data per day as a result. Since the service went live, over 200,000 new entries have been added to the database.

The new feature is that you’ll be able to search for pastes that specifically have hashes (specifically MD5 and SHA). This will go live by Monday and will permit you to search for specific hashes or for text that would be in anything that contains hashes.

I may try and squeeze one more feature in before the update but that will be a surprise for now!

Also, if you’re in Vancouver and are interested in meeting me and would like to have some beer and pizza, come see me at VanCitySec this upcoming Wednesday, August 7th. This is a special edition as we’re usually on a Thursday and at the Railway Club on Seymour and Dunsmuir, but this month it’s being held at Vancouver Hack Space (VHS). If you’re interested, it’s free to come and while not obligatory, you can RSVP at this page as it allows for us to determine how much food and beer is needed.

I will be giving a brief presentation on Canary as well as presentations from two other people. However, it’s just a social gathering so show up and have a good time!